About Us

What we do...

We deliver a complete mobile escape room adventure right to your event.

How we began...

Well, basically we just started as a group of fun-loving friends and families that go to extremes to entertain each other. Anything from extravagant practical jokes to outlandish themes and games for parties and other get togethers. So, while building sets and props for yet another escape room for one of our parties it came to us that we could share the fun with others. So now, we welcome you to invite us to your next party so that we can share this exciting experience with you, your loved ones and other guests.

Our Goal...

We want to bring your celebration to the next level and deliver an experience like none other. But most of all we want you and your guests to have fun. Whether this is your first escape room experience and you have to reply on our in person game master to help guide you through it or you have done them all and just looking for something new. Either way, you have come to the right place!

What to expect...

About one hour before the event, we bring in a trailer that contains all the props and sets for the escape room adventure you selected. It also contains components for building your escape room area. Once all set up and your guests are ready a live game master will do an introduction which will tell the guests about the game and go over a few rules. Then the game begins, guests will have one hour to try to find clues and solve puzzles to try to reach the ultimate goal of adventure that was chosen. The game master can give clues and guidence to your guests to help keep the game moving along. After the game is done you can have a group picture taken if you like. Then the whole escape room and props are taken back down and packed back into the the trailer.

What we need from you...

  • Area to set up:
    • We offer two different ways the escape room can be set up. Indoor and Outdoor (see below)
    • For indoor setup we recomend an area of at least 144 square feet (12x12 for example).
    • For home setups, a fairly empty two garage works well for this but we can set up in other areas available as well.
    • For outdoor setups, we will need a large flat surface area that can hold a trailer and all the escape room contents.
    • We recomend that this area is a least 16x16 feet. Altough we can try and work with other configurations.
    • A two car wide driveway works well for this senario.
  • Players/Spectators: What good is it having an escape room adventure without any fun loving people?
  • Payment:
    • They may say the best things in life are free. Hard to disagree, but a lot of time and work goes into this.
    • If you paid in advance, then you are all set. Thanks for your business and we look forward to seeing you at your event.
    • If you only paid a deposit, then you will need to pay the remaining balance before the room is set up.